About Ubucon Asia 2021

Welcome, and thank you for your interest on Ubucon Asia.

Ubucon Asia is an event organized by Ubuntu Communities in Asia. It’s for everyone who involved with or interested in Ubuntu, Linux and other Free and Open source technologies. Ubucon Asia is also a place for Ubuntu people from Asia to connect, learn, and share their knowlegdes each other.

Ubucon Asia 2021, the first Ubuntu conference in Asia will be a virtual conference driven by multiple Ubuntu LoCos from Asia. Participate the first Ubucon Asia from your home, and get connected to Ubuntu Community around the world.


Ubucon Asia 2021 is organized and driven by various Ubuntu LoCos and other FLOSS communities around Asia.

Code of Conduct

To provide safe environment for every participants, We’ve adapted Ubucon Asia Code of Conduct and Ubuntu Code of Conduct. Both applies to anyone participating Ubucon Asia event. Make sure to read both Code of Conduct carefully before participating. Violation of the Code of Conduct may result in sanctions or expelling from the event if necessary.

Ubucon Asia 2021

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