Confirmed sessions

What you can see below is list of sessions we accepted and speaker confirmed their participation on Ubucon Asia 2021. If you submitted any proposal for Ubucon Asia 2021, You may find an email sent from eventyay system that tells you whether your proposal was accepted or not on your inbox. You may also check whether your proposal was accepted on eventyay website.

If your proposals were accepted, You need to confirm your participation to give your speech on the event. To do that, Simply send reply on CFP notification email that was sent from eventyay system. After your participation is confirmed, Please review speaker schedules, and get started with preparing your presentation right away.

If you found your session was accepted, but can’t find CFP notification mail from your inbox, You may just contact [email protected] to confirm your speaker participation. In this case let us know your name and title of the session.

List of confirmed sessions will be continuously updated until final event schedule is published.

Type Title Language Speakers
Panel Discussion Panel Discussion - Open Source Communities in Asia: Opportunities and Challenges (confirmed) English Hong Phuc Dang
Talk Promote Ubuntu localization of the ethnic minorities in China (confirmed) Chinese Burgess Chang
Talk Developing on Ubuntu with WSL Interoperability: Tips and Tricks (confirmed) English Patrick Wu
Talk Organize Virtual Event with Open Source Tools (confirmed) English Mario Behling
Extended Talk Developing Integration Test with WSL APIs (confirmed) Korean Jung Hyun, Nam
Talk Welcome and Opening Remarks (confirmed) English Youngbin Han
Extended Talk Canonical OEM metapackages & Concourse CI (confirmed) Chinese Shih-Yuan Lee (aka FourDollars)
Talk Web Hosting Server using Ubuntu and Cyberpanel (confirmed) Indonesian Darian Rizaludin
Talk Snap in MicroOS (confirmed) English Kukuh Syafaat
Talk Hacking on Unity7 and UnityX (confirmed) English Rudra B. Saraswat
Extended Talk Having fun with Flutter Desktop development (confirmed) English Rafal Wachol
Talk "Sinau Bash" Program for Learning Bash Commands (confirmed) Indonesian Kuriyanto Adi Saputro
Talk The challenge of Using LibreOffice & Building Local Community in Korea (confirmed) English DaeHyun Sung
Talk The input method, another way to edit Japenense documents, Hanjp project (confirmed) English Kwangyeon Kim
Lightning Talk Introduction Indonesia Communities (confirmed) Indonesian
Extended Talk Getting Closer with Kelompok Linux Arek Suroboyo and Buaya Linux Repository Server (confirmed) English Fadhil Yori Hibatullah; Muhamad Andhika Prasetya
Extended Talk Engaging new l10n contributors through Open Souce Contributhon (confirmed) Korean Youngbin Han; Bokmi Han(한복미); Joowon Jung
Lightning Talk openEuler社区的开源合规实践(Open source compliance practice of the openEuler community) (confirmed) Chinese YueLiang Wang
Talk Who 'kill'ed my processes? (confirmed) Korean Leesoo Ahn
Talk Desktop Ubutu on Laptops/RaspberryPis - practices how to use it with SD cards, how to manage UEFI and more (confirmed) English Masafumi Ohta
Talk Ubuntu OS & Service patch management using Ansible (confirmed) Indonesian Doni Kuswara
Lightning Talk Using kexec to speed-up reboot (confirmed) English Juhyung Park
Talk Automating boring and repetitive UbuCon Asia video and subtitle stuffs (confirmed) English Youngbin Han
Workshop 1 Hour K8s - MicroK8s & K3s (confirmed) English Ko Ko Ye
Lightning Talk Mengetik Aksara Pegon dengan Ubuntu 20.04.2 (confirmed) Indonesian Faiq Aminuddin
Talk Survival of The Fittest: How Open-source Helps Me Survive after Company Shutdown (confirmed) English Nur Rahman
Talk UKUI3 Technology Sharing In Tablet Mode (confirmed) Chinese zhang chao
Talk Don't Judge A Book by Its Cover: Contributing to Open Source Communities with Graphic Design (confirmed) English Bayu Aji
Extended Talk Private Lab Virtualization Using Multipass and Deploy Apps web-based on Ubuntu Server. (confirmed) Indonesian Nur Hamim
Lightning Talk If you need LAMP Stack, Journey to Ubuntu with WSL2 (confirmed) Korean Byongseung Cho / 조병승
Extended Talk Keynote - Flutter for Linux (confirmed) English Ken VanDine
Workshop 2 Hour CI/CD with Snap package deployment (confirmed) English Taiten Peng

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