Hello UbuCon Asia speakers!


  • Youngbin Han

Hello UbuCon Asia 2021 speakers! Thanks again for submitting your proposals for the first UbuCon Asia! We just completed reviewing proposals and now reaching out each person to confirm speaker participation.

Confirm your participation

If your proposal was accepted, We’ll send you an email to confirm whether you’ll give speech on the event. You may also check eventyay to see whether your proposal was accepted. To confirm your speaker participation, simply reply us and tell us you will participate as speaker.

Your next steps to prepare presentation

If your participation has been confirmed by our content team. You may start preparing presentation right away. These are some number of things you need to remember when preparing.

  • Unless your session is sponsored session, For presentation slide materials, use presentation template provided by Ubucon Asia team
  • By default, All sessions will be recorded and published on Ubucon Asia YouTube channel with CC BY 4.0.
    • If youโ€™re including copyrighted contents on your session slide or recording, please check if the content’s copyright conflicts with CC BY 4.0 or not.
    • Unless youโ€™re the copyright holder, Do not include or embed paid copyrighted content. This may result in YouTube to block your session recording if we publish it.

Pre-recorded sessions

  • Video must be 1920*1080 or higher resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Please use dedicated microphone rather than integrated one
    • To minimize noise and maximize clarity of your voice on your video recording
    • Especially for non-English sessions! To let automation tools better recognize what youโ€™re saying.
  • Important dates
    • Video submission deadline: Soft deadline - Aug 24, Final deadline - Aug 31
    • Upload video on your own storage(e.g. Google Drive) and send download URL to [email protected]

Live session

  • Check if you have the proper environment for giving a speech through video call.
    • Stable network connection and bandwidth
    • Webcam and microphone (dedicated one recommended)
  • Important dates
    • Speaker test calls: September 13 ~ 17

What’s next?

After speaker confirmation, We’ll finalize our event schedule and publish it around August 15 ~ 19. Full schedule will be online on eventyay first, then will be also available on this website.


If you have any questions or assist regarding preparing presentation, feel free to contact our content team [email protected]

Youngbin Han

Organizer, Ubucon Asia 2021 / Leader, Ubuntu Korea Community

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