Calling for Proposals

2021-05-30 10:39 +0900
  • Youngbin Han

UbuCon Asia 2021 team have been calling for speakers, volunteers, sponsors and community partners from earlier this month. As this is the first time to organize UbuCon Asia, Our proposal period is relatively longer then other conferences. This is a reminder post that includes all details for each items and URL link to them. Calling for speakers Submit until June 30th 2021, Session acceptance will be on July 30th 2021 Session type: Talk(30min, 45min), Lightning talk(5min), Workshop(1hour, 2hour), Panel duscussions(55mins) All session duration includes time for question and answer For “Talk” type session, you can submit pre-recorded session.

Calling for Video Translation Volunteers

2021-05-05 12:01 +0900
  • Youngbin Han

As we begin calling for speakers, We’re now also calling for translation volunteers from today. Translation volunteers will colloborate local community to translate pre-recorded sessions from following languages to English. Korean - You will collaborate with Ubuntu Korea Community Japanese - You will collaborate with Ubuntu Japanese Community Chinese(China) - You will collaborate with Ubuntu China Community Chinese(Taiwan) - You will collaborate with Ubuntu Taiwan Community Cantonese(Hong Kong) - You will collaborate with Ubuntu Hong Kong Community Indonesian - You will collaborate GNOME Indonesia and Openstack Indonesia We will use speech-to-text and machine translation tool to automate subtitle works.

Calling for Speakers

2021-05-05 09:50 +0900
  • Sartika Lestari

The first Ubuntu Conference in Asia (Ubucon Asia 2021) is four months ahead! Ubucon Asia 2021 Call for Speakers is now open until 30 June, and talks acceptance will be on 30 July. Here’s the reference topics for you to discuss in Ubucon Asia 2021: Desktop Server/Infrastructure/Cloud Windows Subsystem for Linux(WSL) Localization(L10n)/Fonts/Input Methods Internet of Things(IoT)/Embedded Security Community/Social Context Case Studies etc. We have some sessions to talk with two days event.

Ubucon Asia 2021 Plan updates

2021-04-21 12:10 +0900
  • Youngbin Han

It’s been about 3 months after I published post “Looking for organizers”. Last 3 months, many Ubuntu Local communities and other FLOSS communities contact me to join Ubucon Asia 2021 team. Today, We have 12 host communities from 10 different regions in the team. Some organizers from those communities with excellent experience with organizing international events also joined our team. And with this Ubucon Asia 2021 team, We’ve been made many progress until now.

Looking for organizers

2021-01-07 01:00 +0900
  • Youngbin Han

In Asia, You can find various community conferences about open source and linux that covers Asia region. Good examples of this are: openSUSE.Asia GNOME.Asia LibreOffice Asia Conference PyCon APAC FOSSASIA Summit and more… For past a few years, when I was the leader of Ubuntu Korea Community, I attended several conferences overseas to not just meet and learn but also to interact with Ubuntu local communities overseas. Especially, communities located near South Korea region.

Ubucon Asia 2021

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