Ubucon Asia 2021 Plan updates


  • Youngbin Han

It’s been about 3 months after I published post “Looking for organizers”. Last 3 months, many Ubuntu Local communities and other FLOSS communities contact me to join Ubucon Asia 2021 team. Today, We have 12 host communities from 10 different regions in the team. Some organizers from those communities with excellent experience with organizing international events also joined our team.

And with this Ubucon Asia 2021 team, We’ve been made many progress until now. Today I would like to share some planned schedules of upcoming Ubucon Asia 2021.

  • Calling for Speakers will begin from May 1st and it will be closed on June 30th. Details will be announced soon.
  • To give some chance to people not confident with English, Ubucon Asia 2021 will support subtitle translation in some languages. To do this, We’ll gather subtitle and translation volunteers on the same period of CFS. Regarding this, We’re also considering about using some automation tools or gathering subtitle/translation sponsorship.
    • Availability of Subtitle and translation support may vary by each local team’s status of volunteers and resources.
  • We’ll also begin gather sponsors in May. We’re doing some final reviews on sponsorship brochure before releaseing it. Once it’s done, It will be announced with seperate post.
  • As you can see on the main page, It will be 2 days event from Septembet 25th ~ 26th. Time will be 13:00~20:00 UTC+9 on each day.

Some details of our plans are not confirmed yet, More updates with confirmed details will be released soon on early May, stay tuned!

Youngbin Han

Organizer, Ubucon Asia 2021 / Advisor, Ubuntu Korea Community

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