Double check your proposal submissions before deadline


  • Youngbin Han

Call for speakers will close soon on July 14th 23:59 UTC+9! If you have submitted any session proposals, please double check your submissions and update it if required before the deadline comes.

Your speaker info

Please see the image and description below and check your speaker info submissions once again to see if anything missing.

  • Name: Your full name (e.g. Youngbin Han)
  • Email: Your email contact address. You’ll receive proposal review result with the email address you entered here. (e.g. [email protected])
  • Position: What you do on the organisation you’re in (e.g. Community Organiser, Developer, Engineer, Student, Founder, etc.)
  • Organisation: Company, School, Community, or other type of organisation you’re participating
  • Country: Country or region you live in (e.g. South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, etc.)
  • Short Biography: Short introduction about yourself
  • Photo: Upload your profile photo
  • Website, GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin: Enter your social media information (Optional)
  • Timezone: Your Timezone information. Don’t forget to provide this info! Used for scheduling your session! (e.g. UTC+9)

Your Session submission

  • When writting session abstracts, Please include following items. And write in about 3~10 sentences.
    • What kind of knowledgs, experience or story you will share
    • What can attendees learn from your session
    • If any, Required or recommended background knowledges for attendees to understand your session.
  • For workshops, Please include brief timetable and requirements (e.g. Stable network connection, Launchpad account, software installation, etc.) for attendees.
  • For panel discussions, Please include Moderators and Panels informations
  • You don’t need to provide slide or other materials on submitting session proposls.
  • Giving speech in Korean, Japanese, Chinese(China, Taiwan), Cantonese(Hong Kong) or Indonesian is only available when you choose Pre-recorded Talk session.
  • Tell us your session is pre-recorded or live session
    • Talks/Extended Talks: Pre-recorded or Live
    • Lightning Talks: Pre-recorded
    • Other type of sessions: Live
  • If your using Sponsor or Community partner session slot, let us know on comment field.

What kind of topic is allowed?

  • Any topics related to Ubuntu, Debian or other Linux distributions and related open source technologies.
    • If content team couldn’t find any relevance with items above from your sessions. Your submission colud be rejected. If your topic is too generic, include some knwoledges or tips that applies to Ubuntu.
      • Example: Deploying Django Web App -> Deploying Django Web App on Ubuntu
  • We may reject sessions proposals that promotes proprietary solutions or sale of company’s products or services.
  • If you have some difficulties choosing topics, Session ideas document on Ubuntu Wiki might be helpful for you.
  • If you’re not sure or want to check whether your session topic is OK, Please feel free to contact our content team: [email protected]

Youngbin Han

Organizer, Ubucon Asia 2021 / Leader, Ubuntu Korea Community

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