Cloudmate joins as our Silver sponsor!


  • Youngbin Han

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We are gladly to announce Cloudmate as our part of Silver Sponsor.

Cloudmate is an certified CSP(Cloud Service Provider) company in Seoul, South Korea. They provides professional managed service on cloud environment. Based on experiences from MNCs, Cloudmate has its best certified engineers and developers in the cloud sector. Through the professional managed service, Cloudmate supports systematic management and its cloud infrastructure to the customers. Furthermore, Cloudmate also offers consulting for cloud service to industries that are adapting cloud infrastructure for the first time. Lastly, With Microsoft Azure MVP, Cloudmate has been contributed educational programs and activities to various vendors and many communities for years.

Want to know more about our silver sponsor, Cloudmate? Learn more about them at here! Want to become one of our sponsors? Have a look at this page for details and instructions!

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